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Our Strengths

Our Strengths


Strong Brand Equity

  • We are the largest pizza company in the world
  • Our domestic and international franchisees have invested significant amounts in advertising efforts
  • We are the No. 1 one pizza delivery company in the United States
  • Our store delivery areas cover a majority of U.S. households

Strong and Proven Business Model

  • Domestic and international franchise royalties, revenues from supply chain and revenue from retail sales at Company-owned stores
  • Cost-efficient store model, characterized by a delivery- and carryout-oriented store design, with moderate capital requirements and a menu of quality, affordable items
  • Our menu simplifies and streamlines production and delivery processes and maximizes economies of scale on purchases of our principal food items

Technological Innovation

  • The emphasis on technology innovation helped Domino’s generate more than 70% of U.S. sales from its digital channels in 2020 
  • We launched mobile applications that cover 95% of the smartphones and tablets on the market
  • We launched an enhanced online ordering profiles platform, allowing customers the ability to reorder their favorite order in as few as five clicks or 30 seconds
  • We introduced “Dom,” a voice ordering application, which we believe is the first in the restaurant industry, and we also made Domino’s Tracker® available on the Pebble smartwatch platform
  • Our Domino’s PULSE point-of-sales system is designed to improve operating efficiencies for our franchisees and our corporate management

Product Innovation

  • In late 2009, we reintroduced our core pizza with a new recipe, which we believe has been key to our continued growth in customer reorder rate, consumer traffic and increased sales.
  • Our more than 50 years of innovation have resulted in numerous new product developments, including our recent innovations of Handmade Pan Pizza, Specialty Chicken, Parmesan Bread Bites and Stuffed Cheesy Bread, among others.
  • Product innovation is also present in our global markets, where our master franchisees have the ability to recommend products to suit their local market tastes

Internal Dough Manufacturing and Supply Chain System

  • Our vertically integrated dough manufacturing and supply chain system enhances the quality and consistency of our products, enhances our relationships with franchisees, leverages economies of scale to offer lower costs to our stores
  • Allows store managers to better focus on store operations and customer service by relieving them of the responsibility of mixing dough in the stores and sourcing other ingredients
  • Many of our international master franchisees also profit from running supply chain businesses